The Best Muscle Building Exercises

Some of the best muscle building exercises
are the easiest ones we don’t do because it seems so simple! For example,
squats are a great way to build muscle and can be considered the king of all
muscle building exercises. Though, most don’t do a proper squat, only a half or
quarter, and expect the best results from it. To get the best results, a full
squat must be achieved. You need to have proper form to start, by having hands
where they’re comfortable, ankles directly below the bar and shoulder squeezed
together.  Squatting is done by pushing
the hips back, not down, allowing your knees to bend naturally, allowing you to
reach a full squat. Raise yourself by driving the weight back up as hard as you

The deadlift is second to the squat in
efficiency and allows you to move the most weight at once. It isn’t used enough
by most people looking to build muscle and lose weight and is the least
technical way to lift. The most important thing to do is to keep the lower back
arched so that the upper back doesn’t get hurt, or damaged.  It is hard to recover from, so unlike squats,
don’t do this as a daily exercise.

If done right, a bench press is one of the
best ways to build muscle. Again, you need proper form to do this, and
remember, it is no a chest building exercise. You want to move weight
effectively using your pecs, deltoids, and triceps, to increase the muscle more
efficiently.  Keep a stiff position with
your shoulders arched and let the weight come down, and then drive it up, and

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If you want to work on your shoulders, try
the military press. It can be irritating because the weights are positioned
lower than other presses, and takes a lot of work to get it right, which is why
it isn’t seen as often.  Start with small
weights. You’re driving weights up from where a squat bar would be placed,
which is hard, but has the best results and will improve your bench press.

If you can master these exercises, you’ll
lose weight and build muscle quickly. Remember to take the appropriate precautions
and always have someone to spot you. Doing these exercises regularly will keep
you in shape, and help lose fat and gain muscle.

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Top Dating Tips for Women

There comes a situation whereby as a woman, you get to ask yourself the question, “what is wrong with my love life and what is wrong with all the men I get to date?” well in the above two in one question, the best answer is more often than not, “have you made an effort of finding the best dating advice for women?” which is more of a question than an answer. Below are some of the main tips among many, which you can observe and put into action in your current or next date

Communication should be two way

You should never be the one who always makes calls, texts or visits. Most men have a tendency of taking you for granted in such a case. Communication should be balanced and should be a two way traffic kind of thing in a relationship. When having a conversation, limit your yeses and your no’s based on a principled judgment.

How committed are you / is he?

As a woman of principle, you should observe with a keen third eye just how committed you and him are to the relationship. As much as you love your man so much, it is of great importance that you observe that you do not become over committed such that you dedicate all your efforts to them and the relationship. Do your own things, as far as you trust him since men are more interested in confident and somewhat independent women. On the other hand, check that you are not too busy for your man as this might affect his affection for you. When a man all over sudden starts becoming too busy for you and starts showing signs of other commitments, and making all lame excuses, you deserve better than that.

Men are different!

Understanding is one of the most important aspects in a relationship. It is important to understand that not all men are alike in terms of behavior, perception, ideologies, personality, reasoning, among other traits. The way you view, treat your man or connect with him is quite essential as it determines how well they will reciprocate the same in most cases. However, there are those types of men who will take you for granted no matter how much you pamper them or the efforts you make to impress them. This should be a runaway signal, especially if it goes on for a considerable duration of time.

Your expectations

Do not be all over your man in such a way that you assume that his entire world revolves around you. Some women make a mistake of demanding or expecting too much from their men. Unbeknown to them, this will give the man all the reasons to either cheat or seek an ‘asylum’ from elsewhere. Always limit your expectations when it comes to relationships and dating.

Especially on a first date, ensure that you do not overindulge in drinks, food, and even activities of the night. If you so much feel like letting lose, watching your funniest movie or engaging in your best hobby prior to the date would be fantastic.

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